Friday, July 31, 2009

Yakima- two shot

Two gunshot victims went to the hospital Friday in Yakima.

In the evening, Police gathered evidence the alley behind the 600 block of south 3rd street. That's where two men with gunshot wounds say they were hit earlier in the day.

Police only found out there was a shooting when the two went to Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital. They say it would have made a huge difference if people would have reported hearing gunshots. "It helps us preserve evidence. And it helps us later on if we get a suspect to get a conviction," Detective, Kasey Hampton explained.

Police say the the victims were shot in the upper torsos. They have a stable condition and will likely be released tonight.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Outlook teen nabbed for cop shooting

Sunnyside police have arrested a 16-year-old Outlook male in connection with the shooting of a Yakima County Sheriff's Office deputy Monday night.
The suspect is a known gang member and police have had several contacts with him in the past.
The suspect was transferred to the Yakima County Juvenile Detention Center early this morning, Wednesday, and is expected to be charged with two counts of first degree attempted murder sometime later today or tomorrow.
Police have been scouring the streets of Outlook where the incident took place and from information they gathered police took the 16-year-old into custody. After an interview at the Sunnyside City Jail police say they believe they have enough evidence to charge the juvenile.
More arrests are anticipated in this case.
Sheriff deputies were called to the Outlook area twice Monday night for reports of shots fired. It was on the second call that two deputies came under fire, with police estimating more than six shots fired. One deputy was hit in the back and taken to a local hospital, treated and then released. The second deputy was not injured.
Police believe the suspect targeted the deputies and the act was not a random shooting. Police are also still looking into a possible connection with the two other calls of shots fired Monday night in Outlook. In the first incident shots were fired into a house and a female was injured.
The suspect's home in Outlook was also searched but police did not find any weapons. Police have recovered what they believe to be shell casings from the incident that resulted in the deputy getting shot.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Yakima- attempter muder, shooting, etc.

YAKIMA -- It was a busy day for Yakima police as the gang shooting they were investigating lead them to another crime.

For Yakima police, Saturday started with an attempted murder at a house near 16th Avenue and Lincoln.

At the scene, officers responded to a gang-related shooting. A man was critically injured in that incident, but the story doesn't end there. The suspect, Benjamin Lopez, fled to his friend's house a few blocks away. When Officers eventually caught up with him, they arrested Lopez, but also discovered a second crime...

When cops entered the house, they found several items they believed were stolen, including big screen tv's, computers, and projectors. Yakima police are now running the serial numbers of each of the items, so the rightful owners can reclaim their property.

In the process, authorities are now tasked with investigating two serious crimes. On one front is Benjamin Lopez, who now faces attempted murder charges. On another, police have to deal with the people who stole so many things. They also have to find the owners of all the property that was stolen.

"After the criminal investigation, they will get their property back," says Detective Kasey Hampton.

It could take a while before authorities know all the charges that the suspects will face. One thing is certain, though... Lopez will be off the streets for sometime.

Outlook- drive by claims innocent bystander

At approximately 6:30 p.m. yesterday (Sunday) the Yakima County Sheriff's Office was alerted to a drive-by shooting in the 10 block of Second Street in Outlook.
Deputies, assisted by the Sunnyside and Granger police departments, were told a white Chevrolet Blazer pulled up across the street from the targeted residence, where a family gathering was underway.
Children and family members were inside the home when a Hispanic male allegedly fired several shots at the residence.
A man next door to the home targeted by the suspects was outside at another family gathering at the time of the incident. He was struck by a bullet in the top of the head. The suspect vehicle quickly left the scene.
Deputies believe the intended victim was a guest at the original target home. That individual left the family gathering prior to law enforcement arriving at the scene.
The injured man was taken to Sunnyside Community Hospital and his wound does not appear to be life threatening.
The victim was, according to deputies, a by-stander with no gang affiliations.
Anyone with information regarding the incident can call the Yakima County Sheriff's Office at 509-574-2500.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Sunnyside man sought in shooting

August 03, 2009

A 25-year-old man was shot in the back while visiting a friend in Sunnyside this past Friday.

Edgar Perez-Ruelas was apparently shot by 35-year-old J. Jesus Zapien Avina, at a home in the 1600 block of McBride Street.

Police say Perez-Ruelas was visiting a friend, who is a roommate of Avina. When Perez-Ruelas knocked on the door police say Avina fired three shots from a .45 caliber weapon, grazing Perez-Ruelas in the back.

The victim then fled to his home in the 100 block of Parkland Drive, where he was treated for his injury.

The suspect fled his residence in a maroon 1990 Mercury Cougar, Washington license plate number 694ZAN. Police consider Avina to be armed and dangerous. This incident is not believed to be gang related and police are asking the public to call 509-836-6200 with any information to the whereabouts of Avina.